Friday, 29 June 2012


The West Midlands has a thriving agricultural industry which is threatened by EU reform - something that one Independent MEP wants to prevent happening.

Nikki Sinclaire MEP will pitch her mobile surgery at next week’s National Sheep Association Show in Malvern (Wednesday 4th July) to meet with farmers at the event.

The Independent MEP will be the only MEP at the event with a mobile surgery.

Nikki will also be engaging farmers about the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which is being 'reviewed' for reform this year. 48% of the EU budget is spent on agriculture with the French, Germans and Spanish the main beneficiaries. Britain joined the EU after CAP was formed and struggled for its fair share with the French in particular not willing to give up their national interest.

Nikki said "Blair freely gave away half of the 'Thatcher Rebate' to obtain talks about reform, now we must push the French to act equitably"

Nikki Sinclaire said, ’Reform of the CAP is firmly back on the political agenda in 2012 as the EU gears up for the next round of changes, scheduled for 2013. I want as many British farmers to be involved in the consultation process as possible as ultimately any changes could severely impact their ability to do their jobs’’ 

Along with her team of advisers, Nikki will be on hand to discuss the contents of the leaflet she has produced for the event - entitled “Rural Life Matters”.

The 4 page leaflets details the work Nikki is doing in Brussels to protect the West Midlands agricultural sector.

Ms Sinclaire is mindful of how important the Sheep farming industry is both to her region and to the UK as a whole, and this needs to be protected both domestically and in the European Parliament.

With approximately 50,000 sheep farms across the UK, it is essential that politicians engage with farmers to find out what they can do to help improve their industry.

Nikki Sinclaire said of the event, “As an Independent MEP, I will always speak up in Brussels in support of British farmers. Using official channels I will continue to urge the European Commission to have greater consultation with British farmers over future proposals.

Farming and agriculture are major employers in my constituency, and knowing how I can make things easier for the sector in terms of EU legislation, is essential work”.

There will also be a unique opportunity for those in attendance to submit suggestions for questions to be asked of the EU’s commissioner of Agriculture, Dacian Ciolo. Nikki will then be able to table these questions in Brussels.

As well as engaging on agricultural topics, Nikki’s team will be asking whether visitors to the show want to join the flock of people who wish to have their say on the EU, with information about Campaign for a Referendum and a chance to sign the petition. Ms Sinclaire’s ongoing campaign is calling for a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union.