Wednesday, 17 October 2012


A new online ranking system for MEP’s has been launched to show the electorate what their MEP’s actually do. allows anybody to search for their local MEPs to find out a range of statistics spelling out how much work they are actually doing for you in the European Parliament.


There are 754 MEP’s Europe wide, and the new data shows that Nikki Sinclaire, who represents the We Demand a Referendum party, is top of the list here in the West Midlands, being ranked 192nd out of 754 MEPs.


The rankings are made up of statistics including attendance, speeches made, opinions given, reports, declarations and motions.


Of the other MEP’s in the West Midlands, Michael Cashman is ranked as 213th, Malcolm Harbour 423rd, Philip Bradbourn is 643rd, Phil Bennion 692nd, Mike Nattrass 719th and Anthea McIntyre 722nd.


Rankings are based upon data such as number of activities performed in the European Parliament, coupled with attendance.


Michael Cashman played down Ms Sinclaire’s efforts with her referendum campaign on BBC Radio WM, stating that she did not spend the time in Parliament, and rather spent time in the Midlands instead. However, the MEP ranking site shows that Michael Cashman’s attendance figure of 70% is actually LOWER than Nikki Sinclaire, who has an 88% attendance figure respectively.


Nikki has the highest activity figure of all the West Midlands MEP’s. whilst Mike Nattrass and Anthea McIntyre rank as the lowest of the West Midlands MEP’s in terms of activites undertaken in the Parliament, such as speeches and questions.