Thursday, 18 October 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Prime Minister is Ignoring the Will of the People


A new pro-referendum party has dismissed the call for a referendum on renegotiation on European Union membership.


The We Demand a Referendum party says that the Prime Minister is simply ignoring the will of the people. In a YouGov poll conducted earlier this month, 61% said that they now wanted a referendum on whether the UK remained members of the European Union. 73% of Conservative voters now want an In Out referendum.


The same YouGov poll also revealed that 55% of people do not trust David Cameron to stand up for Britain’s interests in Europe.


David Cameron is expected to announce that the next Conservative manifesto will include a referendum. However, the referendum will be based upon terms for renegotiation with the European Union, and will not include an option to leader.


Nikki Sinclaire, who is a We Demand a Referendum MEP, is not surprised by todays developments,


“Over the past year, I have delivered almost a quarter of a million signatures to 10 Downing Street calling for an In or Out referendum on our future with the European Union.


As an MEP, I am witness to how the UK’s current relationship with the European Union simply doesn’t work. Renegotiation is not an option.


We need a clear mandate in Europe. We are either in, and fully engage in the European Union so it can work for us, or we are out and we govern our own future.


Just yesterday I received a letter from the Minister for Europe, who stated that the Government believes that membership of the EU is in the national interest of the UK.


Mr Cameron is not prepared to listen to the people, the many thousands who have collected signatures because they want this in/out referendum. The Prime Minister must remember that it is the people who put his party into power.


At the 2014 European Elections, the We Demand a Referendum party will stand in every constituency in the UK with the simply message on the ballot paper ‘We Demand a Referendum – let the people decide’


We British people are tolerant and patient, but when we are pushed, we fight back. We will now fight back. Give us our In Out referendum or we’ll simply demand it”.