Monday, 22 April 2013

Nikki Sinclaire MEP makes a speech at the Milad conference. Aston Park April 21st 2013

As YOUR MEP for the West Midlands region, I am honoured to be here speaking at this event today.

Here in Birmingham, we are very lucky that we live in a multi-cultural community. This community is made up of different nationalities and faiths all living harmoniously, learning from each other.  

We live in Great Britain, and Britain is great because our rich tapestry of history thus giving us this rich melting pot of identities coming together as one great nation.

Muslims in Birmingham and the greater Birmingham area have made huge contributions to the West Midlands.

We are blessed with Muslims of all ages who volunteer in our local community and partake in large amounts of charity work. Muslims own businesses across the West Midlands, providing wealth and opportunity, especially in these hard economic times.

We live in a city of innovators, wealth creators and in a society that values charity and volunteering.

It is unfortunate that the Media and racists all to often focus in on the extreme elements to portray the Muslim community


As a Member of European Parliament who works tirelessly for human rights causes across the world, I recognise the value of free speech, especially to people who come from places where free speech is not something they can enjoy.

However, with free speech comes responsibility and one of those responsibilities is respect. All of us are equal. No one has any superiority to claim over another.

The failure of various counties' across Europe to clamp down on the drawings of the prophet Mohammed shows of fundamental disrespect to the Muslim faith.

We need to live in peace and harmony, without inciting religious tensions or hatred.

Pictures of the prophet, or films that have been made, have caused worldwide hurt to those in the Muslim faith and this must stop.

I denounce those who promote such messages and I look upon those who turn a blind eye to this disrespect with utter disgust.

Blasphemy laws should be for all not just Christians in a fair and equal society.

Religion must be respected if we are to live together peacefully.

I am proud to be a conviction politician, a politician who never wavers in the face of adversity to stand up for my core principles

That's why; I left the EFD grouping in the European Parliament where I sat with UKIP because of extremism. I do not wish to sit with those who incite hatred or disrespect, the beliefs of others.

It is said that you can judge a man by the friends he keeps - Mr Farage and UKIP sit comfortably with their racist allies in Europe whilst promoting Britishness.

Well Mr Farage, your allegiances and your parties disrespectful policies on Muslims show you unworthy of political office and representative of real Britishness.

All the main parties have introduced legislation that disregards religion purporting to support the rights of others.

I have this to say to Mr Cameron, Clegg and Miliband - 'What about the rights of those who believe?"


As an MEP, I represent those who are seeking a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. As a proponent of referenda, I also stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Kashmir who have been promised a referendum which has never materialised.


Self-determination has been the basis of my whole political career.


If we do not control our own destiny, then we cannot have either security or dignity.


History tells of many people who have made great sacrifices to escape slavery, or to protect themselves or others from tyranny; the desire for self-determination is so strong that millions have been prepared to lay down their lives in pursuit of it.

Since taking up my duties as a Member of the European Parliament in 2009, I have been aware of the campaign to keep the issue of Jammu and Kashmir to the fore. It is, after all, one of the biggest human rights challenges the global community is facing at this time.

We know what rights the people should have, but why more than 60 years after the original UN resolution are the people of Jammu and Kashmir still awaiting the referendum that will allow them to determine their own future?

I hope to be going to Kashmir myself in the near future to see and gain a greater understanding of the situation.

I promise you here today, most sincerely that I will keep fighting for the self determination for the people of Kashmir and the people of Great Britain to have the referenda they deserve.


On a recent trip to the US, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, I found myself standing on the very spot where Martin Luther King, in August 1963, delivered one of the most influential speeches of the last century.


I look forward to the day, and it is coming, when the Kashmiri people can echo Dr King's words "Free at last, free at last, free at last"."