Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Delivering food donations to Bethel Church, Stoke on Trent

Today I made the visit to Bethel Church food bank, which is located in Stoke on Trent. They are part of the Trussell Trust food bank network.

My team have been collecting for food banks across the region.
Today we delivered a variety of goods to the food bank, such as pasta sauce and cereals. The food bank is manned by fantastic volunteers who told me what they were most in need of in terms of donations. In the Staffordshire area, they are particularly short of tinned meat and fish and various cooking sauces.

Whilst at the centre, we discussed my "Money Matters, and so does debt" booklet which is packed full of free advice and points people in the direction of services that can help them.
Well done to everybody who helps in some way at Bethel Church food bank - the work you are doing for your local community is simply fantastic and admirable.

Last night we received a wonderful message from the Stoke on Trent food banks:
"Thank you Nikki, I've heard that the volunteers that met you were very impressed, they say you were a lovely lady. Would it be possible to link us on your blog?".
The link to Stoke on Trent food banks is: