Monday, 18 November 2013

Why won't Tory and UKIP MEPs protect British interest?

Tonight in Strasbourg there was an extraordinary meeting and votes in the employment committee. 

This was an extraordinary meeting and I expected all British MEPs to be there.

UKIP and Conservative MEPs failed to turn up.

Where were you Derek Clark? 

I continue to highlight the issue of MEPs not doing their job in committees. Why is this important?

When voting is very tight, single votes can be the difference in stopping legislation that is harmful to our own interests here in the UK. Want some proof?

This further confirms my view on a referendum. We must have one sooner rather than later because we are in a horrible half way house situation. 

If we have a referendum and decide to leave, then brilliant, I'll happily be made redundant! However, if the British people chose to stay in the EU, it would be then for the MEPs to begin to represent them properly and do everything they can for this great nation.

Uncertainty continues to be bad for Britain. We demand a referendum NOW