Tuesday, 7 January 2014

More EU madness - now on Britains motorways

West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire has slammed proposals which could see many West Midland motorway speed limits reduced – to meet EU pollution targets
A stretch of the M1 in Yorkshire will be the first stretch to have the new controversial limit imposed, which will see the speed reduced to 60mph for a 32 mile stretch between 7am and 7pm, seven days a week.
The Highways Agency claims that measures will allow roads to meet EU environmental targets.
 The Highways Agency said last night that the scheme was likely to spread to other stretches of motorway, potentially including those in the West Midlands, and is ‘not ruled out’ on up to a dozen major routes. 

The restricted route will still be subject to variable speed limits to keep traffic flowing during congested periods, leading to regular caps of 50mph or 40mph.
The Highways Agency claims that a lower speed limit was needed to ensure new EU guidelines on air quality, which come into force this year, will be met.

We Demand a Referendum Now MEP Nikki
warned of an alarming precedent and that wider use of the lower limit would have an impact on businesses.

Nikki said, “
We are proposing to spend billions on HS2 to speed up travel, yet we are complying to EU rules which will slow down drivers all over the country.  

This will cost businesses money, and will prove to be detrimental to our economy.
The biggest joke of all is that the EU claims that this is based on environmental targets. Since when did the EU itself, the institution that knows no restraint, meet its own environmental targets? This is yet another example of how Britain is losing out as EU members, and just another reason why we need a referendum”.
A Highways Agency consultation on the plan began yesterday and will close on March 3.