Tuesday, 29 April 2014

An afternoon at Fordhall Farm

 It was fantastic to visit Fordhall Farm today, a farm with 1 farmer and 8000 landlords. It's located in Market Drayton, Shropshire.

Taken from their own website:

"Fordhall Organic Farm, based in North Shropshire, England has been chemical free for over 65 years. Rearing cattle, sheep and pigs on an outdoor extensive grazing system and being in community-ownership sinced 2006, Fordhall is pioneering in every sense.

By securing Fordhall Farm, the Fordhall Community Land Initiative (FCLI) and the community landlord is committed to building a sustainable future whilst guaranteeing that farming will be an affordable way of life for generations to come. 

In the ever-demanding consumer economy that we live in today, traditional farming is struggling to be a profitable profession. It is challenging for small farmers like Fordhall Farm, to compete with large-scale producers and knockback prices. Fordhall Farm is secured and leased out by the Community Land Initiative. It can now ensure that the small farmer will be given an opportunity to maintain and capitalise on family traditions; providing a model for other at risk farms across the country."

This is a FANTASTIC community venture and I was bowled over by Charlottes tenacity and enthusiasm. This is proof that if you work hard and  engage people in an idea, then you can make things happen. 

It was great to learn about the educational aspect of the farm, as well as learning about the farms volunteers and the opportunities they are offering to young people.

In terms of agricultural issues, it was interesting to learn more about the issues dairy farmers face, and the bigger issue of the price of land for those who wish to be farmers.

I'm now readin my guide about community farms! 

If you'd like to learn more their website is here