Saturday, 3 May 2014

Visiting NEW college, Worcester

Above: the Brail periodic table

A few months ago, I got talking to a young lad on twitter and he encouraged me to visit his college in Worcester. James is one of the 90 students at New College in Worcester, a college for those who are visually impaired or blind.

After being greeted by Kieron and James, I was given a tour around the campus facilities and taught about popular sport Goalball (that I've since learnt the college are very good at) and the lessons that are taught in the school. As well as "traditional" subjects such as maths english and science, pupils here are given lessons in independent living.  

The brail periodic table simply blew me away. 

After my tour of the college, I was given the opportunity to meet a group of students who all had a keen interest in politics where I explained my role as an MEP and we debated the pros and cons of leaving the EU. I really enjoyed the debate and it was clearly obvious that these students had a keen interest in politics.

I had requested information about the European Union from the European Union office in London, as I believed they would be able to provide me with materials in brail and large print. Rather shockingly, they told me there was nothing they could supply me with. 

I feel privileged to have met the students today and learnt so much by having a tour of the campus. Thank you to James and Kieron and the college for allowing me to speak.